Women make up 55% of the voting public.

We are the majority. If we stopped focusing on what divides us and started focusing on what unites us, we would run Washington.

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Woman Challenge now.

#IfWomenRanWashington the "Violence Against Women Act" would be law



Want to change Washington? We can if we use our collective power to apply pressure to elected officials. One voice can capture attention. One million voices can generate change.


You can help make Washington more responsive to the needs of women and families by adding your name to the Million Woman Challenge.


We’ll use our collective power in our briefs and discussions with members of Congress and keep you updated on our progress.




These bills enjoy bipartisan support among women but have failed to be enacted. Together, we can change that.

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019
The Climate Action Now Act
The WAGE Equity Act
Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment
The Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
The Lower Cost,
More Cures Act


We want women to recognize and assert our political power! We have much more in common with each other than with either political party, but we spend so much time focusing on what we disagree on. We believe that to change Washington, we need to lock in the legislation that every woman wants to see enacted. 

We’re not against male Members of Congress. We are fierce advocates for any candidate who works to enact legislation that women want and need. We support Members of Congress who in turn support the needs of the women in their districts.

We strongly encourage women to rally behind the bills that would benefit all of us. We need to unite and apply pressure so legislation that has been proposed, but not yet passed, will finally become law. If women harness their political power, we will be unstoppable. 


Are we trying to organize women?

Yes. The goal of the campaign is to impact Washington by demonstrating bipartisan support for action on stalled legislation that benefits women and families.

Is the campaign associated with a political party?

No. The very idea behind #IfWomenRanWashington and the broader Women2Women network is to focus on the issues that unite women across party lines. Women2Women management and staff represent both parties.

Does the campaign literally want only women legislators?

No. While we would be happy to see the demographic make-up of Congress better reflect the demographic make-up of the country, we support any legislator who champions legislation that benefits women and families.

How can women run Washington?

We are the majority. We can run Washington through our votes—especially in the primaries—and through our active advocacy.

What can I do that would benefit all women?

You can register your name and email above. You can post under the hashtag #IfWomenRanWashington. You can share the videos and content on this site. You can vote in your party’s primaries and general elections.


Members of Congress are surprisingly responsive to feedback from their constituents. Do you know how to contact yours? Click below to find your congressperson and make your voice heard!